Monday, February 01, 2016

God of Backed Up Drains

Today I have been reminded of Matthew, chapter six

It has been my experience that whenever we worry or fret about something, something will come of it... and it's usually not pleasant at the start. When our fretting is due to impatience,  we seem to encounter all sorts of situations that make us impatient. When we worry about money,  we encounter expenses.

My dear husband worries way too much about our finances. Now we are finding out how expensive a backed up drain can be. I am stressed by the circumstances of so much water where it doesn't belong,  but I'm also very greatful that my sewing studio was unaffected, and that only a tiny portion of the art studio got wet. Personally,  I rarely ever worry about money. I just know that I will be taken care of one way or another.  Especially when I do my part and simply trust.

I'm sure that there are a lot of people who don't see any connection between a backed up drain and worrying about money.  I agree that the latter is not the cause of the former. Things do happen. Nevertheless,  there is a connection. Whatever happens to us is an experience from which we can learn.  Too often we don't. That's usually because we don't make the connections.

Deep down,  most of us know our own weaknesses.  At some point in our lives,  we realize we need to work on one of them. The problem with worrying is not the expenses.  It's what worrying does to us. So the lesson here is not 'stop worrying and expensive problems won't happen.' The lesson is 'things are going to happen,  some of them expensive,  and life will be much easier if we simply do our part (in this case,  save, and invest and spend responsibly), not worry about the rest and trust God.' It's not easy to learn,  and I can't say I never worry about anything, but in those times I have leared and applied it,  life REALLY IS easier. The struggles don't go away, but somehow they aren't as bad. I can handle them.

For me,  the backed up drain has been a reminder of all this. I hope it helps my husband to stop worrying so much.

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Y-Knot said...

When I was first a single mom I worried about everything and saw every car malfunction as a personal judgement against me. I would wander around wondering what I had done wrong to cause this bad thing to happen. Before, when I had been a student, I had learned to just keep going, even if you had to walk back and forth from school for a while, something would come up to improve the situation. It took me several years to re-learn that when I was on my own.

Indeed, saving and not spending every penny has helped. What would be a complete disaster for a person with little funds can be only a minor setback to a person with sufficient funds. Of course, I realize that my sufficient funds are only sufficient for a few disasters of moderate proportions. It also helps to know what your "base" is for survival. Yes, if I had to, I could do without a car. I've gone without a drier for a couple of months when it was inconvenient to replace it. Going without heat? Not for long this winter.... But just knowing you can survive with less until things get better, as long as you believe that things will get better, that's a good skill to have. Having a good social safety net is also essential; be it family, community, country (like universal health care and other things to reduce the likelihood of complete financial disaster).