Monday, July 17, 2006

Where's Heaven?

I suppose this is an odd thought. I read Michio Kaku's Hyperspace back in January, but the thought just came to me a couple of days ago. I think Heaven is the twenty-sixth dimension. According to Kaku, that is the most dimensions possible in the universe. It may be only ten.

It all gets rather complicated and I haven't had time to think this through, yet. Part of what led me to this thought is the story of the two dimensional world when a three dimensional person inserts himself into it. If a three dimensional person picked up a two dimensional person and moved him, it would appear to the two dimensional world that he disappeared and reappeared elsewhere. If a two dimensional person "sees" a three dimensional person, it is only a two dimensional slice. Obviously, this slice isn't a true view of the three dimensional person. Depending on what part of the body enters their world and what angle, it could be pretty much any shape. The 3-D person who moved the 2-D person would appear as two circles or ovals (fingertips).

How could we possibly understand what a twenty-six dimensional being is like? I can't imagine one and I have a pretty good imagination. "For now we see through a glass, darkly." Many currently inexplicable things could be understood. Explaining and understanding miracles doesn't make them less miraculous in this dimension.

I don't see science as an enemy of God. My only complaint is that so many scientists don't let God into the equation. I believe a true search for knowledge must encompass both. A true search must begin with the knowledge we know next to nothing about either.

I've started to ramble, so I'll end this post now. I'd love some comments about the idea. As I said, I haven't completely thought this through, and any input can be helpful.