Monday, October 17, 2005

Good People

I went to the grocery store this afternoon. There was nothing particularly special about that, but after I had gotten all my items onto the conveyer and half of them were checked out, I realized I had forgotten my checkbook. We shop at WinCo and each checker can do two customers at a time, so the woman ahead of us had just paid and was packing her bags. My husband was packing our bags. I called out across the counter asking him if he had his checkbook. Nope. So.... the lady in front of me offered to pay for our groceries and let us send her a check later. I thanked her, though not profusely enough. Since the checker had a way to suspend the check-out process while I went home to get my checkbook (we live only a few blocks away), I chose to do that instead of taking her offer. Still, it was truly a kind thing to do. My only regret for not taking her up on her offer is that I didn't get her name.

So, yeah. There are a lot of cranky people in the world, but there are also some very, very nice people, too.

All in all, today has been a good day.