Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today I wrote a longish piece for my Memories book at I feel good about this. I suppose that only my son will really be interested in it, but I'm mainly doing it for him anyway. I hope that my mom will work on her memory book also. She told us a lot of tales when we were growing up, but I'd love them in writing. So would my son. (And possibly my nieces and nephews.)

I didn't get much else done today. Woke up late, talked about two hours to my mom, made dinner, watched a movie with my son, read my e-mail, cut son's hair and did this writing. Actually, for this ADD disorganized person, that was a pretty good day!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stir fried thoughts

Life is being pretty good right now. Nothing exciting of any kind is happening. It's good, but somewhat boring, also.

As usual, I struggle with my writing. Knowing that the problem is ADD doesn't really help until I can see if there is something that will help. I'm only half convinced that medication will make any difference. Something that also makes it hard is lack of adequate quiet time. Some of it is my own fault -- getting caught up in reading blogs or doing puzzles. Part of it is because someone always seems to need me for something. It's nice to be needed, but...