Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Title, and Musings on Time

I changed the title of this blog to reflect the direction it's taking. "TongFengDeMao" has no spiritual significance.

I'm still trying to rein in my thoughts and tame them with my beliefs. This isn't particularly easy for my ADDled mind which is always trying to think a few hundred unrelated thoughts at once. And this particular thinking forces it beyond the conventional.

Twenty-six dimensions could be limiting God. That is not my intent. When I think about it, saying God and heaven are "up there" in the sky or wherever is also limiting. We have to limit God, in one sense, in order to understand even a little about him. Being the three dimensional beings that we are, we can't see much more than those three dimensions. It all goes back to the five blind men and the elephant.

We usually say that time is the fourth dimension, but time is essentialy one of the limitations of the third dimension (and perhaps others). Because we can't see all twenty-six dimensions at once, we need time to comprehend our world. That makes sense to me. I have such a hard time dealing with too many things going on at once. How could I possibly handle my whole life happening all at once?!

This fits with my beliefs already. God said "I AM." He is alpha and omega all at once. There is no past or future with God. It's all now. He already knows what we will do in the future becuse he is there. I'm sure I grasp this imperfectly, but I do have some concept of it.

This fits with my concept of joy being totally in the now. This isn't the sense of thinking only of now, but in being aware totally of now. Living in the now doesn't mean ignoring the past or not preparing for the future. It's being aware of what is happening now, at this moment, and relishing it. I think this means even when what's happening now isn't very good. It doesn't mean accepting bad things, because living now in a bad situation means taking charge and doing something about it. Some situations require action. Others may only have an attitude adjustment necessary to be doing something.

My own personal difficulty with living now is that I find myself waiting too often. I'm just waiting until I have more energy. I'm just waiting until this or that improvement on the house is done. Whatever it is, I'm just waiting. As long as I'm just waiting, I'm not living. Those times when I'm not waiting, I feel joy. I'm alive! I am wasting my NOW with waiting. It's wasting NOW to worry about the future. It's wasiting NOW to fret over the past. (Later I'll see how this ties in with attitudes and emotions, more.)

A recent seminar I attended told us to believe what we wanted already existed, to see it existing in the future and then to act on that vision. Is this not "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." (Matthew 21:21-23)?

Time. We are always saying we never have enough. I wonder if the real problem is that we look at it too much. We always have NOW!